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BioCleanse Comprehensive Cleansing
BioCleanse Comprehensive Cleansing
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BioCleanse Comprehensive Cleansing Program by Biogenesise

Biocleanse – Comprehensive Cleansing Program | Biogenesis Nutraceuticals 21 servings

BioCleanse by Biogenesis Nutrceuticals is a comprehensive cleansing program considered as a functional food. It is designed to help the body rid itself of toxins. These toxins may be metabolic waste or they may be environmental, such a heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, drug residues, etc.

BioCleanse powder is a state of the art system designed to remove toxins from the nervous system, connective, and fatty tissues. After removal, Biocleanse assists your liver in neutralizing and removing them from the body. It does this by assisting the liver’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways.

BioCleanse helps the liver convert an insoluble toxin, which is difficult to remove, to a more soluble toxin. Because it assists the body and the liver in a deep cleansing, the whole treatment is smooth and relatively easy to accomplish. In fact, the balanced proportions or protein, carbohydrate, and fats help to keep blood sugar levels and energy up. A typical detox program can last anywhere from 17 to 33 days. To get the most out of the BioCleanse detox, you should also follow the “BioCleanse Diet“.

Comprehensive Cleansing and Body Composition Formula:

  • Chelation and clearing of metabolic and xenobiotic (environmental) toxins
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Helps balance blood glucose levels
  • Multivitamin/Multimineral

Biologically active B Vitamins are taken up and used “as is” by the cells of the body. They place no burden on the liver to phosphorylate them or on the kidneys to eliminate them. In contrast, biologically inactive B vitamins must go through an activation process, which takes place in the liver. Unfortunately, most products supply their B vitamins in the inactive form. These are rapidly removed from the blood stream by the kidneys and excreted from the body leaving little time for the liver to convert them into active forms. Biologically active B vitamins take part in numerous chemical processes including detoxification.

Minerals are critical to your health and to your body’s ability to properly detoxify. However, for minerals to be of any therapeutic benefit you must absorb them. Unlike many products, BioCleanse does not cut costs here. In BioCleanse you will find only the best fully bonded mineral transporters available. These carriers provide the highest absorption and transportation to key sites in the body where each mineral can support the cells’ health and detoxification capacity.

Specialty Nutrients are present in clinically relevant levels to provide additional antioxidant/anti-inflammatory protection and support both Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways in the liver.

N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is a form of the amino acid L-cysteine. It acts as an antioxidant by promoting the production of glutathione, a detoxification molecule. NAC protects against lipid hydroperoxidases and hydrogen peroxide.

Taurine assists the liver in Phase 2 detoxification by contributing to conjugation and xenobiotic compounds. This role of taurine is essential in neutralization and clearance of toxins.

Sodium Sulfate provides essential sulfur for sulfation conjugation detoxification processes in the liver. This is especially important for persons with impaired detoxification capacity. Often these individuals cannot convert organic sulfur (cysteine, methionine, etc.) into inorganic sulfur (sodium sulfate) efficiently. Inorganic sulfur is necessary for sulfation conjugation activity.

L-cysteine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) supply additional organic sulfur for sulfoxidation support and as a source for additional inorganic sulfur production.

Calcium D-Glucarate supports the process by which healthy cells eliminate waste and foreign elements. It does this by regulating the activity of the enzyme Beta-glucuronidase. In this way it supports the glucuronidation detoxification cellular cleansing process.

Silymarin has been shown to increase glutathione and superoxide dismutase levels. Silymarin protects the liver from free radical damage and enhances repair and regeneration of liver cells.

BioCleanse is designed to support persons with impaired detoxification pathways and who may be chemically intolerant.

Continuation of BioCleanse Special needs patients – Discuss the need to maintain on BioCleanse (1-2 servings per day) with your health care provider, if you work in a toxic environment, or if you have chronic health issues in which ongoing support with a well-balanced food such as BioCleansewould be advantageous.

Biocleanse by Biogenesis Nutraceuticals Supplement Facts

BioCleanse is hypoallergenic. BioCleanse is free of wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, dairy, egg and peanut. No fillers or artificial colors/flavors are used.

Recommended Use: Mix two scoops of BioCleansePowder in water or in juice.

Step 1 (First 3 days):

Day 1: Consume ˝ scoop of BioCleansetwo times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet) .

Day 2: Consume 1 scoop of BioCleansetwo times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet) .

Day 3: Consume 2 scoops of BioCleansetwo times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet) .

Step 1 Optional 4 days: Consume 2 scoops of BioCleansetwo times per day along with three meals from safe food list (BioCleanseDiet) .

Step 2 (7-14 days): Consume 2 scoops of BioCleansethree times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet) .

Step 3 (3-5 days): Consume 2 scoops of BioCleansefive times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet), OR you and your health care provider may elect to fast from the BioCleanseDiet during these 3-5 days.

Step 4 (4-7 days): Consume 2 scoops of BioCleansethree times per day along with three meals from the safe food list (BioCleanseDiet)

Reintroduction of questionable foods avoided during BioCleanse Detox:

To gain the most benefit from your BioCleanse detoxification, it is best to go slowly when reintroducing foods back into your diet. It is entirely possible that part of the benefit you gained during the detox was due to avoidance of allergic or difficult to digest foods (food intolerance’s). Therefore, now is a good time to have your health care provider allergy test you or enter into the reintroduction phase of your program.

When reintroducing foods it is best to eat them in their whole form. Do not buy packaged foods with many ingredients. If you have a reaction you and your health care provider will have a difficult time determining the culprit. Rather introduce foods in their pure forms. Eat only one new food per week.

Keep a diary of your symptoms, how you feel each day. This way, if you have a delayed allergic or intolerant response, you will be able to determine which food is at fault and quickly eliminate it from your diet. The idea here is to create a “safe diet” for you to follow to continue to enjoy the health benefits you gained from the detox.

Contraindications: A history of previous sensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients. Any condition for which any of the ingredients in this product are adverse or contraindicated. Any disease state managed by pharmacotherapy for which alterations of serum drug levels secondary to changes in hepatic metabolism could be life threatening.

Caution: Excessive vitamin A intake may be toxic. Excess vitamin A intake may increase the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women and women who may become pregnant should not exceed 5,000 IU total per day of pre-formed vitamin A. BioCleanse has not been tested in pregnancy, in breastfeeding women, or in studies with children and, therefore, cannot be recommended for use with these patients.